Hip Hop Violinist, Entertainer & DJ

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Big Lux, a larger-than-life musician, is redefining how we perceive the violin and the world. His music reflects a life spanning five continents and multiple war zones. Blending classical training with hip-hop, bluegrass, jazz, and personal stories, he creates an immersive experience for his audience. Whether on a nightclub stage, at a corporate event, or during a wedding, Big Lux delivers a profoundly moving musical performance.

Entertainment Services


From private gatherings to public events and nightclubs, take your event to the next level and ensure it remains a topic of conversation for years. With playlists tailored to your taste, there will never be another party quite like yours.


Whether you desire the elegance of classical background melodies or the spectacle of your employees letting loose on the dance floor, Big Lux transforms corporate events into truly incredible experiences.


Big Lux crafts tailor-made, unforgettable soundtracks for couples on their special day. From ceremonies to cocktail hours and receptions, when it comes to your wedding, Big Lux is the only artist you’ll ever need.


As socially conscious as he is gifted, Big Lux continually seeks opportunities to assist non-profit organizations and schools in raising funds for noble causes.

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